R e w r i t e ...

It's only a few hours to midnight. Soon 2010 will come whether we are ready or not. There’s been too many things happened in 2009. Some are really sweet memories, some are not. I rather not remember the latter.

I’m going to predict 2010 will be the toughest year for me. It most probably the time I end my single era. I’m getting married next year on June, hopefully. There will be a new journey for me. I’m happy for that.

By the way, my colleague Jolene just left from the company today. We had our farewell lunch at The Canteen. The food is very nice. I had a chicken chop.

Enough said


Mongoose had a christmas celebration last week. It was fun since there's not much work to do (or should i say no work at all?) haha..

Web Team people! The coolest department in the office simply because i'm in it. ;p

Inilah antara pekerja2 mongoose yg berdedikasi dan hensem2 belaka.

Some of the crazy in mongoose.

Joe? Nak terbang ke? (lelaki gagah dlm baju biru hitam)

We had our celebration at Quattro (dont know correct or not the spelling, lazy to check). There's a free flow drink and people who loves to drink, this is the time they show their talent and drink drink drink until drunk. I prefer coke.

Sam dressed up as a santa and giving cigarettes to everybody. Some more he did a stupid/crazy dance. Maybe too much alcohol already in his body. Plus we had a birthday celebration as well for people born in December.

Incredible Rahim. Love this pic. Kudos to Edwan! (muke jantan yg happy giler cam menang olympic) hahahaha


Wacky Hair Day

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Yes this is me. So smoking hot, i know..;p

Rock on!! (poyo)

I took about 5 - 6 minutes thinking whether to upload this photo or not. Cause it looks so horrible. It looks like an old geezer or some kind of a pervert. Org cina selalu ckp 'hamsap guai'! The girl in the photo is Jolene.
There is another cool afro hair but nobody takes pic of me wearing that. Rugi rugi.

Ps: btw this wacky hair day is not even for the web team or any other team in the office. Only for sales team. Biar la, like hell i want to miss this opportunity to wear wig for the first time in my life!


Kucing Comel

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Hari ni aku nak show off sikit gambar kucing aku yg sungguh comel.

Nama : Tom
Nickname : Tompi, Tom Tom, Tomok, Tompo, etc...
Umur : Unknown
Tempat Dijumpai : Dlm engine kereta viva
Hobi : Makan, tido, makan, tido, makan, tido..
Makanan kegemaran : Ikan
Motto : No food, no touch

Inilah senaman yg sering dilakukan oleh Tom. Mencakar karpet mak aku.

Tempat tido Tom tk menentu. Kdg2 celah meja, bwh meja, celah kerusi. Seperti dlm gambar ni, tido kt perhiasan mak aku. Tp die pandai, die jage sume brg2 kaca kt rumah aku. Tk penah pecah setakat ni.

Haa..yg inilah gaya tido Tom yg sebenar. Freestyle seperti manusia. Aku rase Tom byk influence dr citer2 hollywood ni. Ataupun terlalu byk berkhayal. Mungkin die ingat die manusia di dlm mimpinya.

Ini adalah cara Tom utk mendapatkan perhatian. Biasenye bila org dh tk endahkan die atau org terlupa nk bagi makan.

Gaya tido yg paling digerami oleh mak aku. Aku pun geram jgk. Comel sgt kan?
Korg mesti jeles tgk kucing aku kan.

Kalau si Tom ni dh boring terlentang, die suke meniarap pulak. Maybe style ni influence dari cerita Superman Returns.

Nama : Kuning
Nickname : Kunin, miaw miaw, etc..
Umur : Unknown
Tempat Dijumpai : Belakang rumah.
Hobi : Makan, tido, makan, tido, makan, tido..
Makanan kegemaran : Ikan
Motto : Hidup biar sempoi.

Aku sampai jadi konfius sebenarnye. Adakah cara tido kucing yg sebenar mcm ni? Maybe influence dr Tom la kot. Sbb Tom lagi tua. Org tua kan suke tunjuk bagus kt org mude, betul tak? ;)

Inilah musuh Tom yg utama. Aku benci giler kucing ni. Semalam Tom kene cakar kt hidung sikit. Nasib baik calar sikit je. Dulu aku pernah simbah air kt kucing ni. Terkejut die. Kalau aku dpt mmg aku jentik telinga die. Dasar perogol bersiri.


Awal Muharram

By Rahim Hashim

Selamat tahun baru...

2009 is about to end..come to think about it, i had not changed at all. Not a bit. I'm still the same sleepy head who always have to battle out with the evil temptation inside me just to wake up at 8 am. But on the other hand, i've been a really good employee (i mean really really good ;p) to my company. So far i've been developing and maintaining 3 websites. You guys can check it out on these links.

Newsweek Showcase - http://www.newsweekshowcase.com

Expatriate Lifestyle - http://www.expatriatelifestyle.com

Arrivals - http://www.arrivals.com.my

and this is my company profile - http://www.mongooseasia.com

I thought that its gonna be tough on me to work with a publishing company where all the big bosses is 'mat salleh'. On the contrary, its a lot easier. I met a bunch of people which are so cool. I had no pressure, less headache, and i'm happy to work. That is one of the reason that motivates me to wake up from my sweet, hot, pleasurable, bed.

As for my extra time, normal things to do for all guys - hang out, jamming, animes, movies, basketball, badminton, etc..
Just one thing that divide me with any other guys, i dont like bola. Tgk bola la, team la, ape la. Boring, sucks.

So yes i guess 2009 was not so bad to me. I hope 2010 will be better.



By Rahim Hashim

arghh...i'm so bored at the office right now since all my work is done. So bored that i start on writing blogs. Pleasee give me some work to do...haha
still thinking about the song that keeps playing in my mind.. can't wait to finish up my song..
i want to be busy, i like to be busy, i want to be productive.. better than doing the same shit everyday..as for now, just enjoy the melody in my head..