Selamat tahun baru...

2009 is about to end..come to think about it, i had not changed at all. Not a bit. I'm still the same sleepy head who always have to battle out with the evil temptation inside me just to wake up at 8 am. But on the other hand, i've been a really good employee (i mean really really good ;p) to my company. So far i've been developing and maintaining 3 websites. You guys can check it out on these links.

Newsweek Showcase -

Expatriate Lifestyle -

Arrivals -

and this is my company profile -

I thought that its gonna be tough on me to work with a publishing company where all the big bosses is 'mat salleh'. On the contrary, its a lot easier. I met a bunch of people which are so cool. I had no pressure, less headache, and i'm happy to work. That is one of the reason that motivates me to wake up from my sweet, hot, pleasurable, bed.

As for my extra time, normal things to do for all guys - hang out, jamming, animes, movies, basketball, badminton, etc..
Just one thing that divide me with any other guys, i dont like bola. Tgk bola la, team la, ape la. Boring, sucks.

So yes i guess 2009 was not so bad to me. I hope 2010 will be better.