Mongoose had a christmas celebration last week. It was fun since there's not much work to do (or should i say no work at all?) haha..

Web Team people! The coolest department in the office simply because i'm in it. ;p

Inilah antara pekerja2 mongoose yg berdedikasi dan hensem2 belaka.

Some of the crazy in mongoose.

Joe? Nak terbang ke? (lelaki gagah dlm baju biru hitam)

We had our celebration at Quattro (dont know correct or not the spelling, lazy to check). There's a free flow drink and people who loves to drink, this is the time they show their talent and drink drink drink until drunk. I prefer coke.

Sam dressed up as a santa and giving cigarettes to everybody. Some more he did a stupid/crazy dance. Maybe too much alcohol already in his body. Plus we had a birthday celebration as well for people born in December.

Incredible Rahim. Love this pic. Kudos to Edwan! (muke jantan yg happy giler cam menang olympic) hahahaha