I've been using iPod Touch for quite some time now. I like to use it mainly for the internet. And the App Store is so much easier to navigate in the iTouch itself than using iTunes at computer. Other entertainment such as movies, music, games, apps, and almost everything about it is amazing. Yesterday i notice there is one shout out at my facebook, my friend mention about iPad at his shout out. So I get really curious and start doing my research on iPad.

Yes. This is going to be the new Apple product, iPad. The size is approximately of the size of A4 paper. The home screen is just normal as the iPod Touch. You can customize what you want to add to your home screen. And one more cool thing, you can change the background image now instead of black screen. Its like after using iPad, you will say "god finally i can see things clearly!".

Just look at how easy to browse internet using this. Its like you surfing from a laptop but instead of using your mouse, you use your finger. Internet wise is going to be one of my main reason if I'm buying this. Just from the image above, I can imagine how it is to be like when I open my email, facebook, youtube, and blogging.
Because it displaying web page just the way they were meant to be seen.

And because its big, you can view iTunes just they way you've seen it on your computer. No big deal for this one.

The maps is awesome! The image is in high-resolution satellite and complete with all the different view. (common - street view, topography, terrain) And you can search for a place then tap it. It will show the route and directions from current locations.

Here is how you manage your photos. It is extremely cool the way it display all the photos. Just tap on the stack of photo, and the whole album opens up. And zoom in or out, watch a slideshow, do anything you want from there. Just like normal iPod Touch. You'll understand that stack thing I mention if you watch the video. It's just that great.

This is the view when playing games. I'm not much concern about this though. Just the same game with a bigger screen. I don't really play games on iPod. For games, I prefer the normal desktop. For iPod, i prefer games that you didn't have to really focus on it such as sims 3, secret of monkey island etc.

I'm not going to attach picture of movies in iPad. Its just the same. Think of you watching movies in iPod Touch, with a bigger screen. Thats about it. It is cool though to watch high definition movies.

Plus it has so many accessories which you can make it just like your laptop. And even though its big, its thin and light. The weight is just 1.5 pounds which is only about 700 grams! Do you guys ever buy the 1 kg sugar? Its not heavy right?

So for those 'iPod freaks' out there, do some research on this new iPad from Apple. Things like the battery life, wireless, 3G, performance, audio, which I dont really like to read about. I'm sure it's great. No need to say more. But I think for girls, they wont like it though. Like my fiancee. The moment I told her the size is slightly smaller than A4 paper, she's not interested anymore. Yes i know it is bulky and not suitable for you to stand in a bus or train, listen to music with such a big thing you have to hold. Yes I still prefer my iPod Touch in that kind of situation. Like in office, trains, bus, etc. But i'm thinking about this iPad to be my entertainment tools at home. Isn't it cool to watch movies while lying on your bed, or where ever you want to watch it from.

Check out this video. It's awesome!