This morning the train station at Wangsa Maju is really bad. Everyone is queuing until the stairs. They even had to queue before entering the ticket machine. There must be some problem with the trains. Maybe there's a cat crossing the track. My sister and I on the other hand, after watched that crazy event happening, we decided to go by car.

The traffic is much clearer today. Maybe because those people are trapped at the train station. So I came late by 10 minutes to my office. I don't like being late. Plus I had a bit of headache since yesterday. Don't know whats wrong with my head, still got the headache. Maybe too much sugar in my blood already. So i arrived at my office with a shit loads of work to do. Now i'm starting with Expatriate Lifestyle development. But I still want to steal time to update this crap into my blog. Feels like want to write even if its a stupid post like the one I'm writing now.

I need to rest, i need to smile, i need to laugh. I need a break. I need someone to crack me up. One thing I like about blogging is, you can write anything you like even there's nobody read it.

Ok enough said.