Arghh..i miss playing basketball so much. How i miss to back in action where i can do the dunk over and over again (ok just kidding,i cant dunk). But yet, miss the feeling of dribbling the ball, catching the ball from mid air, and do all the fancy stuff. The only time i get to play now is either on Saturday or Sunday which probably i will use for other things such as sleeping, relaxing, chilling, sleeping, and have i mention sleeping? ;p

Now i play badminton a lot. Almost every weekend. The only sport i loved is basketball and badminton. I dont play soccer. I'm a kaki bangku person. I'm planning to play basketball during weekend. But dont have any friends left to play besides Munir. Maybe i'll ask him to get together again. If not i just have to play with random people at the court there. Nah i dont care as long i can play. But i have to cut down my sleep time. Thats the sacrifice i have to make. haha

Ok enough said.