Last time i used to love kfc zinger so much. Everytime i went to KFC i will definitely had Zinger. I never order something else. Plus the cheesy wedges is so irresistible. I would have KFC at least once a month.

But now, everything has changed. They changed the zinger set. Not only they replaced cheesy wedges with chips, they even modified the burger! I only had this new burger once. And thats it. I will never go to KFC ever again. They put hash brown underneath the burger, and replacing mayonnaise with some kind of new sauce which i dont know what it is. The taste was so horrible. The burger and hash brown didnt complement each other. It really a bad combination. Burger and hash brown is not blend. They could never be. Same goes for the sauce.

The old zinger can only cost you about RM 5.50 if ala carte, this new burger will cost you about RM 7.80! RM 2 ++ the difference! And i didnt ask for hash brown, for a stupid modification. All i want is the normal zinger i had from last time. And also the chips is a bad idea. Why the hell you want to have chips after had a burger? Why you have to take out cheesy wedges from the menu? Please...give me back the good old Zinger....

Enough said.