It is the last Monday of the last week of January. I'm a bit tight and busy with things going on in Mongoose. Today will be the launching of the new site Arrivals. It was tiring when you have to handle 3 or 4 websites. We are in the middle of expatriate lifestyle CMS development, but then have to put on hold and focusing on Arrivals websites. Arrivals websites supposed to go live for the past couple weeks ago. But yet there's been a problem here and there. So only today we will publish it live.

Feel free to click on this link -

Arrivals is the definitive guide for anyone who is new to Malaysia. With essential information about schools, healthcare, culture, shopping, entertainment, property, health, eating out, and much, much more. Arrivals is a one-stop compendium of useful advice for expatriates and medium to long-term visitors to Malaysia.

Arrivals also showcases all the incredible holiday destinations in Malaysia. With features on every region, you can explore every state, resort, hotel and attraction from these very pages before discovering them for yourself.

Arrivals is produced by Mongoose Publishing Sdn Bhd, the publisher of Expatriate Lifestyle – Malaysia’s biggest quality lifestyle magazine and most widely read expatriate publication -