I had a nice CNY holidays. Last week i went to picnic at Isi Rimba with my ex schoolmates. We had barbecue, sate, hot dog and lots of drinks. It was fun to hang out with old buddy, just chill together, had a conversation, play games. And it was so hilarious. After finish with eating, we start playing ball which one of my friend stole from a kid. Then we packed up, and go to Teratak Angah and swimming. Plus we had karaoke together. But sadly after those fun, one of my friends car was damaged by unknown caused. The front mirror was cracked. Lucky he had insurance for the front mirror.

Then we continue our session with lepak at Syed Bistro. Have some drinks, chatting, then we go back and hibernate. The next day i went out to The Curve with my friend. We watched Percy Jackson. It was a lame movie. Quite fun but not worth it.

Yesterday I spend the whole day at home. Just want to relax, watched DVDs, eat, drink, and sleep early to get ready for work. Hmm....boring...

Enough said.