Yes...only now i had the chance to breathe a little bit. I'm so busy for this couple days. In the middle of the expatriate lifestyle website, I had to stop and do changes for the Maybank Malaysian Open 2010. Which is really tedious. Ok enough talk about work.

Recently early this week, suddenly i received quite a lot of emails asking me about the bicycle cards. One of the person is actually buying it. I'm a bit surprised to know there's people here in Malaysia knows how to appreciate bicycle cards. The thing is the deck is expensive. The price is about 10 times the price of the deck that you can get it at KK mart. But only a few people know the difference. It's the quality and the design which makes the deck a lot expensive. I'm expecting to receive more order of bicycle deck soon. Especially for people who does magic for their living or even a part timer. And if there's a really good one out there, i might give a special offer.

Ok enough said. Lets get back to work.