I always wanted a perfect room. A clean and nice decorated room can ease your mind and make you a better person in psychological way. What I'm trying to say is a nice room will reflect the person. Honestly, my room was a messed and still in mess now. I'm planning to change that. The most important thing is the computer section. I really want my computer to be nicely done. With a big screen, and a good speaker quality so that I can experience movie so much better.

Plus I want to use a wireless modem. So that I can connect it using my computer, iPod touch, laptop, or iPad(planning to). I'm gonna make my house an accessible internet place wherever I am. Even when I take a shit, maybe I can post more meaningful blog post cause some said men can be much more creative while in the toilet. It's gross but you get the idea.

This image I steal from the Arrivals magazine.

I also want a small refrigerator in my room. So I can grab my favourite chocolate and coke while watching high definition movie or playing left 4 dead(what the??). I want to make sure I'm not distracted by hunger while doing some work in my room.
What else...yes I want one amplifier with electric guitar. So that I can jam out loud when I'm stress. Hmm..maybe I can place a drum set as well. That is totally out of the question. I'll do that if I have my own house though..

Perhaps the title should be my dream house...Maybe I'll post another one.

Enough said.