Last Saturday I show some tricks to my friends. I show them a card trick. And the reaction is surprisingly huge. They were really didn't know how I did the trick. I realize that when people cannot explain what they didn't understand, they will tend to turn into supernatural thing. They were start talking about magician who they believe to use a black magic to make it real. Even they start to think I'm using black magic as well.

Just want to clarify here, there is no such thing as black magic for magician. Yes I agree black magic is exist out there, just that magicians are not like that. Magicians use a various techniques, a different sleight of hand, a different passes, props, stage, mirror, gimmick, and a lot of lots of lots of different thing.

Many people believe that David Copperfield use black magic. Just FYI, no he's not. But that is magic is all about. It's to make you believe. Just don't too obsessed until you believe it is black magic. That is just bullshit. I myself like doing magic. It's like an art, the skill and trick is everything to it. ;)

Enough said.