I've been watching a lot of animes for the recent couple years. I have to say I really love anime. It's like you have a different world in your mind. And it's just another way to get away from your troubles. One of my favourite anime would be Fullmetal Alchemist. Everytime i feel down, demotivated, I will watch it. Somehow it gives me motivation and spirit in this life.

It has 51 episodes and 1 exclusive movie. Now there's a remake on this anime which is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This story is all about Edward Elric and his young brother Alphonse Elric..It's about the other side of the world which they can use a power that is called, Alchemy.

This power is based on the equivalent trade. They believe that people cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. They must present something of equal value to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy. They believed that was the truth of the world when they were young.

It all began when their mom died. They were trying to transmute their mom to life. But the transmutation had cause them a great loss and didn't get anything in return. It's already state in the alchemy that the human transmutation is forbidden. So there they are...Searching for the philosopher's stone to regain back what they've loss. And so the story goes…