Blogging is not uncommon things nowadays. I would say about 30 to 40 percent of Malaysian people does. Everybody do blogs. Students, graduates, old fellow, engineer, freelancer, unemployed, etc. And it's fun for me to read various kind of blogs all over the world. Some of it are good, some are not. But what makes a good blog? How do we decide whether the content is good or not?

In my opinion, a good blog must have a various kind of content. And to stop posting short entry saying - i'm bored, i'm sleepy, i just feed my cat. That is just lame. Post more content to the entry. At least for about what, 100 words maybe?

I like to read blog that shares idea, creativity. I'm sure there's a lot of blogs did a movie review. If I'm going to read a review, I'm expecting it to be different than my opinion. Unless of course if the movie doesn't leave much for to think of, then it's pretty straight forward. Let's take the movie Avatar for instance, lot of people keep writing the movie is good, nice, the animation effects and all, which is true, but those are the things that almost everybody already know. Try think as a critic. Like how clever the director to make Jake Sully half-paralyzed, no family, alone, so that he won't have anything to regret to come back to earth. Which is make the movie more realistic.

And to stop follow any random people just to make your blog famous unless you really like the content. For me, it is not important how many readers you got. It's the quality of the content. It's not like we need to write something difficult. It could be about our life, about movies, musics, sports, entertainment, anything we could think of.

Enough said.