Just watched Shutter Island yesterday at Pavilion. Got free tickets for 2, thanks to TimeOut KL. The movie was about US Marshal Teddy Daniels. He had a weird case going on on the Shutter Island. One of the patient is missing from her room without any trace. He and his partner, Chuck started the investigation with lots of unsolved riddle which doesn't make any sense.

As he investigates, he suspected there was something wrong with the institute. He finds himself in a position where he can't leave the island. He talked to Chuck about it and Chuck was totally freaked out. Teddy suspected the institute has been doing experiment on patients by lobotomy procedure. All patients are being drug which makes them easy to obey order.

The climax of this film is during Teddy climb up the light house which he thinks the place where they did the lobotomy on patients. There he finds out the truth about the island which disturbs him to the core..

I like this kind of movie. 4 stars out of 5. And DiCaprio was such a great actor, too.