I just read one article from Jobstreet Facebook recently. These are the top ten most stressful jobs.

1) Firefighter. Of course it is. What's not to stress when your life at stake every single day you off to work? And watched your buddy died in front of your eyes? Yeah thats stressed.

2) Corporate Executive. I'm not sure about this one. Because most of corporate executive i've seen was lazy, relax, coffee break, lazy, relax, and fat. They are all the same. But i maybe wrong since Jobstreet list it out here. Maybe i've never seen one.

3) Taxi Driver. This is also ridiculous. I don't think being taxi driver is stress, I more believe people who driving beside it are more stressful just by the way they drive. Of course not all taxi driver are like that, but mostly it is.

4) Surgeon. Yep this one is stressed. No question about it.

5) Police Officer. What?? On second thought, yeah maybe. Stressed by the criminal who using AK 47.

6) Commercial Pilot. I think maybe they are stress because cannot decide which stewardess they want to sleep with. Or maybe lost a bet with another pilot on who land first.

7) Highway Patrol. For me its not stress, but more tiring. For me working in the office and have to type thousand of coding would be more stress compare to it.

8) Public Relations Officer. Stress, absolutely. I've been there, trust me. That's it.

9) Advertising Executive. Level of stress is not that high. Because you are dealing with educate people and its not that hard to convince them. Compare to customer service which you have to deal with various kind of people from old, young, stupid, over genius, sarcastic, deaf.

10) Real Estate Agent. I don't know.

Thats the list I got from Jobstreet on facebook. I wonder why programmer and engineer are not in the list.