Once again, i didnt have much work to do now. So i took the time to google some unimportant thing. Here are the list of top ten phobias in the world. Lets get onto it.

1) Arachnophobia. Fear of spiders. But in my research, arachnophobia is no longer feared by people. People are longing to be bitten by spiders. Thanks to spiderman, spiderman 2 and spiderman 3 movies. Many people can overcome this phobia just by watching these movies.

2) Social Phobia. Fear of what others might think of them. Fear of being negatively evaluated by others. This type of people normally had a strong emotion. Probably gay.

3) Aerophobia. Fear of flying. Ever watched yakitate japan? No matter how tough is Suwabara can easily break just by boarding an airplane. Such a fearsome phobia this is.

4) Agoraphobia. Fear of an enclosed place. Fear that they can't escape or lack of help if any bad things happen in the place. Such as in lift, toilet..wait a minute, no not toilet. Just lift.

5) Claustrophobia. Fear in a small places or being trapped in small places. Such as cave where the path is only fit your body to pass. Fear of unrecognized fart that might comes from person in front of it. Just kidding.

6) Acrophobia. Fear of heights. This is the only phobia that I had. Only this. See how tough I am. Even in a movie, there's always a famous line saying 'whatever you do, don't look down'. And yet they will look down. Then they fell. Only one guy I know for sure doesn't afraid of heights, Superman and Spiderman. Hey thats two. Plus Batman. And plus any superhero who can fly or climb.

7) Emetophobia. Fear of vomit. Haahahahaha...Everybody hates to vomit for sure.

8) Carcinophobia. Fear of cancer. What? Who doesn't afraid of cancer?

9) Brontophobia. Fear of thunderstorm. Only applied to children below 12 and faggots.

10) Necrophobia. Fear of death or dead things. Hanya orang yang beriman tidak takut mati. Anybody who fear death might end up being a sailor under the captain of Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. 'Do you fear death, Master Turner?'.