Of course Iron Man will win on this. Last Saturday I watched Iron Man at TGV Wangsa Walk. The movie was awesome as expected. There's a lot of funny stuff in the movie. The story line quite okay. Not so great, but okay. The ending of the film leave us with a file on Tony's desk with a Avengers as the title. I can't wait if they are going to make Avengers movie. But in order to do that, obviously they have to make Captain America movie first.

Overall, the movie is great. Really love Robert Downey acting. I give 4 out of 5 stars on this movie. Besides that, there is one more great movie that everybody talking about which is Ip Man. I'm not much fan of a kungfu movie so I didn't want to watch it. Or maybe not yet. But everybody keeps saying that the movie is fantastic. I heard that the audience even clapped in the cinema.

So don't get confused with Iron Man and Ip Man since both came out on the same day and both is the second movie. You don't wanna buy the wrong ticket. You'll end up watching Ip Man 2 instead of Iron Man 2.